How can we help?

Where is SimplePay based?

SimplePay's parent company, Simple Concierge LLC. is a registered Nevada Corporation.

Which services can I pay with SimplePay?

You can pay your Mexico electricity, water, gas, phone, internet, cable, cellphone, Mexico property taxes, and other recurring services. Also, if you have monthly Home Owner Association dues from anywhere in Mexico, you can also pay it through SimplePay only by knowing the payment receiver email!

How much does it cost to pay my bills through SimplePay?

SimplePay's fee to pay a bill is $2.99USD. Some bills (such as property taxes and HOA's) have a different fee of $4.99USD. Fee's may vary by service and urgency of payment.

Can I pay past due bills?

This will not be a problem when you use SimplePay. SimplePay's notifications remind you of your payment 15, 10, 7 and 5 days before it is due. SimplePay allows you to pay bills up to 2 days before their due date. After that, only some types of bills are allowed to be paid past the due date, depending on the service provider.

What happen if there is a service interruption?

It is very rare when it happens, but sometimes technology fails. If you paid your bill via SimplePay before the due date and you are experiencing service interruption, please contact us and we will fix it. Have your bill information and receipt you received via email handy to be able to assist you.

What customer service do you offer?

Our direct chat with our customer service team is open 8am - 5pm PST. You can contact them via Facebook Messenger , Chat in our website, or Email us (

Do you offer cancelations or reimbursements?

Our systems are connected directly with the service providers systems and databases. Due to this, when you execute a payment, the money is transferred directly and no cancellations or reimbursements are offered. You can request cancelation or reimbursements directly from the service providers.